Destination: Butang Islands

06.31 N 99.15 E

Group of 4 main islands, roughly positioned in a circle and surrounded by numerous smaller islets and isolated rocks. The Butangs are very, very beautiful and not overrun by tourism. The islands themselves are mountainous and covered in dense forest. There are a couple of waterfalls you can bathe under too. The waters around the Butangs are clear and offer good snorkeling.

The smaller islets to the E (Koh Tanga and Koh Chuku) are rarely visited, very pretty and usually offer sufficient shelter for an overnight stay.

The archipelago is part of the Tarutao National park. Only one island, Koh Lipe, has any significant permanent habitation.

The Butangs lie just north of the border with Malaysia. During the NE season there is a twice daily ferry to Lankawi as well as to Pak Bara and Satun on the mainland. Limited supplies available in Lipe.