Destination: Koh Chang Lat

08.16 N 98.37 E

Very scenic island, some four miles long. High, thickly forested cliffs with small secluded beaches in between.

Separated by a fairly narrow channel from the mainland. As the mainland also has high steep cliffs it feels like sailing through a canyon when one sails through the channel.

Koh Chang Lat and nearby Koh Khlui are both uninhabited, save for some temporary shelters built by fishermen.

On the SE side of the channel there is a bay (almost drying out at low tide except for a small channel): Laem Sak with a village of the same name. At each end of the bay there is an interesting cave with prehistoric drawings. One can have a simple meal in Laem Sak village, or a little further on there is a fantastic logal seafood restaurant (ask for "Raan Ahaan Talay").