Destination: Koh Mai Pai, Koh Jung

07.49 N 98.47 E

Two small islands just to the North of the Phi Phi islands.

Koh Mai Pai means "Bamboo Island" which is strange as whilst it is covered in casuari trees there is not a sprig of bamboo to be found. Ko Mai Pai is low-lying has a whiter-then–white beach all around the island as well as a splendid coral reef which offers very good snorkeling. Best snorkeling is on Hin Klang, a submerged reef ½ mile to the SW. The island is a nice stopover for the day, as a night anchorage only in settled conditions during the NE season.

Ko Yung lies 2 miles to the W. The name means "Mosquito Island" which is useful beause it helps keeping the number of tourists down. There are no more or fewer mosquitos on Ko Yung then elsewhere. Ko Yung is certainly pretty but not really suitable for overnight stops as it is a bit deep all around for anchoring and the beach too rocky for beaching.