Destination: Phi Phi Islands

07.43 N 098.47 E

Two islands, the larger Phi Phi Don which is inhabited and 3 miles to the SW the smaller Phi Phi Leh which is not. The scenery is nothing short of stunning. The Phi Phi islands offer safe overnight shelter year round . There are some 25 anchorages. Yachts which can take the ground can be be beached in the main bay in Phi Phi Don and in Maya Bay in Phi Phi Leh.

The Phi Phi islands are popular with visitors. Phi Phi Don has many hotels and guest houses. The island is quite a good place to top up your provisions, fuel and water (the latter at a price) can be had too. Naturally, places to dine out and dance the night away abound.

Phi Phi Leh, especially Maya Bay, is a magical place for an overnight stay. In the evening, night and early morning Phi Phi Leh is deserted and you have this fairy tale of a paradisical lagoon alll to yourself. Between 10.00 and 16.00, however it is crowded with diveboats and tourists and therefore best avoided.