Destination: Similan Islands

08.35 N 97.38 E

Group of 9 islands lying NW of Phuket. The distance from Patong is about 55 miles.

The Similans are a National Park and a famous destination for scuba divers. All islands have names but are usually referred to by number, nr 1 being the southern most, nr 9 being the northernmost.

Anchoring is strictly forbidden in the Similans, all boats must use a mooring. Beaching is allowed though and possible on Island nr 8.

Other then a small restaurant near the camping ground on Island nr 4 there are no facilities.

Diving can be arranged on the spot. Snorkeling is very good too, although many sites are quite deep for snorkeling. Fishing is strictly forbidden.

The Similans look very different from the southern islands as they consist of granite rather than limestone like the ones further south and closer to Thailand's mainland coast.