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Destination: Surin Islands

09.25 N 97.53 E

The Surin islands lie close to the sea border with Burma. There are two main islands plus a number of small off-lying islets. The two main islands are separated by a shallow channel, at high tide with a shallow draught boat the channel is navigable.

The Surins are a National Park. There is one small village which is mostly inhabited by Sea Gypsies.

The Surin islands are very beautiful and practically untouched by tourism. There are no resorts and other then a small restaurant in the village and a campsite nearby ,no facilities for visitors. The islands are densely forested and wildlife is prolific.

Bird watchers will find Brahminy Kites, White Bellied Sea Eagles but, amongst many others species, also the rare Nicobar Pigeons. Further more the Surins are the only known place in Thailand where the Beach Thick Knee is found.

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Destination: Similan Islands

08.35 N 97.38 E

Group of 9 islands lying NW of Phuket. The distance from Patong is about 55 miles.

The Similans are a National Park and a famous destination for scuba divers. All islands have names but are usually referred to by number, nr 1 being the southern most, nr 9 being the northernmost.

Anchoring is strictly forbidden in the Similans, all boats must use a mooring. Beaching is allowed though and possible on Island nr 8.

Other then a small restaurant near the camping ground on Island nr 4 there are no facilities.

Diving can be arranged on the spot. Snorkeling is very good too, although many sites are quite deep for snorkeling. Fishing is strictly forbidden. The Similans look very different from the southern islands as they consist of granite rather than limestone like the ones further south and closer to Thailand's mainland coast.

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Destination: Phuket West Coast

07.56 N 98.17 E

The west coast of Phuket has some fifteen anchorages suitable for overnight stays. That is: in the NE season only, the entire coast turns into a nasty lee shore with high waves during the SW season.

Those seeking solitude and quietness will discover that idyllic anchorages and empty beaches are somewhat rare in this area. Those who enjoy a night out ashore and who like to watch life on the beach go by from the comfortable vantage point of their yacht will find it perfect.

Yachts planning to sail to the Similan islands are wise to spend the night before the 55 mile crossing on Phuket's West coast so they can make landfall in the Similans by daylight.

Meals ashore can be had everywhere and provisions can always be bought nearby.

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AO YON, our home base

07.48 N 98.23 E

Ao Yon, where Siam Sailings has it's operations, is a true little hidden gem of a place, conveniently located at Phuket's South East extremity.

Well away from the hustle and bustle of the island's tourist area's , Ao Yon is a tranquil small bay offering very good protection in both the North East and the South West seasons. We have a lovely 1 1/2 km semi- private sandy palm fringed beach which you will often have completely to yourself. Swimming, also for children, is totally safe. There are absolutely no dangerous currents, high waves or nasty animals.

Ao Yon's beach provides convenient all–tide access to the boats.

Two characterful wood & bamboo beach restaurants serve delicious food (Thai & European) as well as very cold beer, cocktails and a grand selection of other drinks. All that at very reasonable rates. Cheap (air-conditioned) beach bungalow accommodation is available in Ao Yon itself. More upmarket hotels can be found nearby.

You will find Ao Yon a perfect place to start and finish your charter.

Ao Yon, the departure point for a yacht charter with Siam Sailing
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Destination: Koh Tachai

09.04 N 097.48 E

Small island about 2/3 on the way from the Similans to the Surin islands. The SE tip is one of Thailand's best dive sites and the snorkeling is by no means bad either. On the S side there is a small bay which gives adequate shelter for overnight stays in the NE season.

On the NE side there is a very splendid beach but due to it's location exposed to NE winds, this is only suitable as a day-time anchorage in calm conditions.

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