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AO YON, our home base

07.48 N 98.23 E

Ao Yon, where Siam Sailings has it's operations, is a true little hidden gem of a place, conveniently located at Phuket's South East extremity.

Well away from the hustle and bustle of the island's tourist area's , Ao Yon is a tranquil small bay offering very good protection in both the North East and the South West seasons. We have a lovely 1 1/2 km semi- private sandy palm fringed beach which you will often have completely to yourself. Swimming, also for children, is totally safe. There are absolutely no dangerous currents, high waves or nasty animals.

Ao Yon's beach provides convenient all–tide access to the boats.

ao yon home base of siam sailing catamaran charters phuket thailand

Two characterful wood & bamboo beach restaurants serve delicious food (Thai & European) as well as very cold beer, cocktails and a grand selection of other drinks. All that at very reasonable rates. Cheap (air-conditioned) beach bungalow accommodation is available in Ao Yon itself. More upmarket hotels can be found nearby.

You will find Ao Yon a perfect place to start and finish your charter.

Ao Yon, the departure point for a yacht charter with Siam Sailing
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Destination: Phi Phi Islands

07.41 N 98.45 E

The Phi Phi Islands lie 24 miles east of Phuket.

The group consists of two main islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh plus a few outlying smaller ones such as Koh Yung ("Mosquito" Island) and Ko Mai Pai (Bamboo Island).

Only Phi Phi Don has permanent habitation. Phi Phi Village lies on the isthmus between Tonsai Bay to the south and Lodlum bay to the north. In addition there are several resorts, mainly on the east side. The Phi Phi Islands offer spectacular scenery on land as well as clear water and abundant coral. Excellent shelter for yachts anchoring can be found year round. Boats able to take the ground (like our Wharram catamarans) have an even wider choice: the beach off Phi Phi village, the SE side of Tonsai bay and also the beach in the famed Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh all have soft sand, are well protected and are free of obstacles.

The waters around Phi Phi offer excellent diving and snorkelling. There are coral reef, wreck and cave dives. The many dive operators and dive schools on the island are mostly run in a safe and professional way and half or full day trips can be booked, usually the day or evening before.

Facilities: Provisions, fuel and water (the latter at a steep price though) are all available on Phi Phi Don in Tonsai Bay. There are twice daily ferry connections with Phuket, Ao Nang and Ko Lanta.

Destination Phi Phi Islands, one of the beautiful islands you can visit on a boat charter
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Destination: Racha Islands

07.36 N 98.21 E

Twin islands, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, surrounded by clear blue waters, which shaped the characteristic boulder rock formations.

They are separated by 5 miles. Koh Racha Yai lies some twelve miles south from Phuket which makes it an ideal day sail or a last night's anchorage at the end of a charter before returning to base in the morning. Koh Racha Yai is inhabited, Koh Racha Noi is not (except from some wild goats that live there). Koh Racha Yai has two anchorages, one of each is suitable for either season, on the beach and inland you find various restaurants for dining out.

Koh Racha Noi has a really nice and quiet anchorage on the E side which offers good protection in the SW season. There are small beaches to explore.

Snorkelling and fishing are both good around the Racha islands. Their beauty and proximity to Phuket make them a a natural destination for day trips from Phuket. During the day time especially Racha Yai can be rather busy. From late in the afternoon onwards until the next morning a few yachts and the odd fishing vessel will be the only boats in sight.

sailing Thailand, Phuket to Koh Racha
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Destination: Koh Ha Yai

07.26 N 098.55 E

yacht charter catamaran to paradise islands koh ha yai

Group of 5 tiny islands in open sea. Uninhabited.

Water is crystal clear, coral abounds, fish are plentiful so the snorkeling is very good. Scenery is nice too. There are  big moorings for large dive boats which you can use if you decide to stay the night.

In the NE season there is barely any shelter at all, in the SW shelter for overnight stays is about adequate.

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Destination: Koh Lanta

07 .39 N   99.39 E

charter a yacht and sail to Koh Pan Yi, PhuketKoh Lanta's main and best known attractions are the long sandy beaches on it's west coast. Naturally, over the years many resorts have sprung up and in some places the tourist industry is quite developed although it is in no way over crowded.

In the NE season a yacht can safely anchor just about anywhere along the W coast, particularly in the four or five bays to be found there. Beaching is possible with care as some beaches have scattered rocks.

Koh Lanta is just about the best place in the entire sailing area for topping up your provisions. The somewhat ramshackle boomtown of Saladan on the NW tip has shops not only selling local produce but also niceties like proper bread, wine, cheese etc. Water and fuel can be topped up in Lanta as well.

The channel between Koh Lanta Yai and Koh Lanta Noi can easily be traversed on a rising tide. The E coast is much less frequently visited but certainly holds its attractions. The charming old capital of the island, Talad Yai has some lovely houses and (good) restaurants built on stilts in the water, water and fuel and provisions can be found here as well. About a mile to the E lies a group of islands, Koh Poh, Koh Bubu and Koh Kam. Peaceful, quiet and lovely. Lanta's E coast can be visited year round, the W coast beaches are a lee shore in the SW season.

sailing Thailand and visit Koh Lanta by catamaran
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Destination: Koh Rok Nok

07.25 N 99.05 E

sailing charter cataraman cruise to rok nok

National park. Twin islands separated by a narrow channel, which is where you moor. Beaching is very good too.

Exceptionally pretty with long deserted pearly white beaches, gin-clear water, abundant coral. Both islands are covered in dense tropical forest. There are walking trails leading to the top of the hills. On the S island a fresh water stream flows in the sea.

The park rangers run a small restaurant. Yachts which can be beached can also take fresh water from the park office.

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Destination: Koh Mai Pai, Koh Jung

07.49 N 98.47 E

Two small islands just to the North of the Phi Phi islands.

Koh Mai Pai means "Bamboo Island" which is strange as whilst it is covered in casuari trees there is not a sprig of bamboo to be found. Koh Mai Pai is low-lying has a whiter-then–white beach all around the island as well as a splendid coral reef which offers very good snorkeling. Best snorkeling is on Hin Klang, a submerged reef ½ mile to the SW. The island is a nice stopover for the day , as a night anchorage only in settled conditions during the NE season.

Koh Yung lies 2 miles to the W. The name means "Mosquito Island" which is useful beause it helps keeping the number of tourists down. There are no more or fewer mosquitos on Ko Yung then elsewhere. Ko Yung is certainly pretty but not really suitable for overnight stops as it is a bit deep all around for anchoring and the beach too rocky for beaching.

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Destination: Koh Mai Ton

07.45N 98.28 E

Attractive small island lying only 6 miles from our base, so an ideal destination for a day sail or as a last night's stop before returning to Ao Yon in the morning. Other then the guards of an abandoned resort the island is uninhabited.

sailing with dolphins with siam sailing charter yachts

Particularly the SE section offers good snorkeling and a pretty beach. Fishing around Ko Maiton is good too. There is a semi resident school of dolphins near Koh Maia Ton which, if they are so disposed, can be quite tame.

with Siam Sailing you can sail you bareboat catamaran to Koh Mai Ton
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Destination: Koh Muk, Kradan, Ngai

07.23 99.16 E

visit the trang islands muk national park with tiki 38 wharram charter catamaran

The "Trang islands" are a group of 3 islands close to each other, Koh Kradan, Koh Muk, and Koh Ngai. All three are (sparsely) inhabited. A few resorts, so you can dine out. Very limited provisions as well as (diesel) fuel available on Ko Muk. Nice beaches, pretty surroundings.

Anchorage can be found year-round. Just to the south lies a reserve for dugongs, the only strictly marine herbivorous mammal. It mainly lives on sea grass.

The Emerald Cave in Ko Muk is a must-see. You moor at the entrance, swim into a very dark hole to emerge 400 meters later in an enchanting small lagoon.

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Destination: Koh Pu (Koh Jum)

07.49 N 98.58 E

The island is pretty but not exceptionally so. The beaches are nice but not outstanding.

So there must be a reason to go there. There is: the food. Koh Pu, aka Ko Jum for some unknown reason boasts a number of restaurants of exceptionally high quality for exceptionally low prices.

Decide between (French) Mediterranean or Thai, climb up the eighty or so steps from the beach to boost your appetite and enjoy.

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Destination: Koh Rang

07.57 N 97.25 E

Twin islands just E of the Phuket coast, pleasant anchorages offering good shelter in both seasons. Perfect for a lunch stop. Quite good snorkeling.

A lovely long sandy beach on the W side of Koh Rang Yai (the biggest of the two islands). There is also a pearl farm (in a floating pearl cage) and a (day time) restaurant. During the day, the island gets some day-trip visitors. Good holding on the NE of the island in the SW season.

Ko Rang Noi, the smaller island to the NE of Koh Rang Yai, has a small pleasant beach.

deserted beaches during your boat charter in Phuket
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