Our Sailing Catamarans

Siam Sailing offers a fleet of five catamarans for bareboat, skippered and crewed charter. All boats are Wharram cats. Our two Wharram Tiki 38's will take 6-7 adults, the Tiki 30's sleep up to 4-5, whilst the Hitia 26 is an open deck cat, ideal for day sailing and camping for 2 people.

Wharram charter yachts perfect for exploring Phuket sailing area

In our view Wharrams are the boats of choice for charter along the Andaman Sea coast of Thailand. They are quick, comfortable and easy to handle. Of crucial importance to you is that they are shallow draught and able to take the ground without fuss. Because of this vast new and exciting area's, inaccessible to "normal" monohulls are opened up to you. In open water the boats are exhilarating to sail, routinely averaging speeds mono hull sailors can only dream of. Yet they are safe and feel safe too. They never lift a hull or dig in their bows. Of course they do not heel either!

sailing catamaran Tiki 38yacht charter on Tiki 30sailing in Phuket on Hitia 24

Wharrams are unique in that they are in essence a modern interpretation of the ancient Polynesian traveling catamarans. The heritage can instantly be recognized in the graceful lines of their hulls, the V'd underwater shape and in design features such as the beams which are lashed on with rope rather then bolted or glued. The latter results in a markedly softer ride in choppy seas and avoids dangerous stresses in the highly loaded beam/ hull connections.

Heritage with modern comforts

Despite their age old heritage our Tiki's are thoroughly modern boats and have all the creature comforts the modern sailor can possibly hope for: powerful marine engines, big and highly efficient fridges, electric windlasses, GPS, depth sounders, VHF, radio's, on board cell phones, ample battery capacity, pressurized domestic water, roller reefed jibs, etc.

Deck space is vast which is great in the tropics as your life on board is mostly lived outdoors. A clever boarding ladder gives easy access to the water.

Cockpits are large, deep (safe for your children) and well shaded by a fixed bimini. This bimini can in minutes be extended into a full size awning. Forward of the cockpit is the open-back deck cabin. Large opening front windows in the deck cabin provide a cooling breeze in the cockpit.

Good night, sleep tight!

sailing charter Phuket pricesSleeping cabins have complete privacy, they are light, airy and well ventilated by opening hatches and port holes. Each bed has an electric fan. In addition these cabins have, as the designer so memorably puts it: "sufficient head room for imaginative love making"!